Restart, reborn, reassemble, and remade… 9月から練習再開の予定でいますが…。

It has past almost 1/2 year since I’ve found slip disks. It is still unstable, so I guess it is little early to restart Do-Jang (the doctor hasn’t say “Yes You Can”).

Well, I would like to stop my life fall into decay, if it keeps me in the bed few more longer, it will change me like mildewed by molds and fungus. I can’t stand it. So, you know, I know, How could you know? It seems like starting with un-consider but I restart TKD-Nerima from September 2013.

Starting with Working on Sunday only, for few months. During those moths will be rehabs most of the time anyway.

I will be backing on Wednesday or Thursday. I don’t know when I can.

I start this, I like this so much, even I am not rich. This is my job.

I will restart this by my self in any number of times, when its stop

I will re-hand-assemble with my hands in any number of times, when its fallen apart

I will made it up by this hands in any number of times, when its destroyed.

I had looked at few text books but I haven’t looking at any text model with systematic educations in my Do-jang.

And I have no idea to raise my students up like text men or women.

K’ung-tzu who never grow up by the text books. Even we call him as a Saint.

I try to explore more far end of texts. And I wanted. I raise my students with looking at far end or more farther area. If I din’t so I don’t think I can raise my students who can raise next generations.